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Memphis Cash

Jewelry Loan Service

Getting Your Private Cash Jewelry Loan Is Easy

Step 1:  Bring us your jewelry and your identification.

Step 2:  Your jewelry is evaluated while you wait.

Step 3:  The loan process is thoroughly explained to you.

Step 4:  The loan agreement is signed.

Step 5:  You receive immediate payment.

Virtually everyone has found themselves in need of short term cash at least once in their life.  Reasons vary, but unexpected emergencies and unique opportunities arise.  We offer unlimited cash personal loans in Memphis during such times.


These loans are secured by fine jewelry or fine watches as collateral, and terms vary. That’s part of the beauty of our personal cash loans; they can be custom-tailored to fit specific needs. And, we guarantee complete confidentiality.  Your private loan transaction takes place in a private office in East Memphis, and all details remain confidential.

When Is My Personal Loan Due?

  • Make minimum monthly payments.

  • You decide when to repay your loan in full.


A Safe Location for Your Loan Collateral in Memphis

  • Located off the lobby of the iBank building in Memphis, across from iBank, our location offers security, convenience, and easy parking outside.

  • Your jewelry or sterling silver is securely stored in our vault until your loan is repaid.


Why wait on a bank for a personal loan, when you can get one in less than 30 minutes at Cash Jewelry Loans in Memphis?  Stop by today!

If you live in or around Memphis and wonder ‘how do I get a loan?’, Cash Jewelry Loans can assist if you have fine jewelry, sterling silver or coins to use as collateral. No credit check!


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